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Wasu Studio

Football Game Enginendie)

Get Football Game Engine(Indie) for free

Football Game Engine(Indie) is now available on Unity Asset Store. If you want a copy, here is a chance to get your own copy for free. I have voucher that I’m willing to give out for free. Here is a catch to it though.

Here is what you are required to do to be considered for the voucher.

  • Tell me about were you are from
  • What you plan to use the asset for
  • Send me these details to this email: contact@wasustudio.co.zw

After you have downloaded the package here is what supposed to do

  • Rate and review the asset on Unity Asset Store
  • Share you project with after you are done

As simple as that, you can have your own copy of Football Game Engine(Indie)

  • Nico
    April 5, 2020

    I will try to make my own fifa football game

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