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Football Game Enginendie)

Football Game Engine(Indie) now live on Unity Asset Store

The long awaited Football Game Engine(Indie) is now live on Unity Asset Store. Previously known as Soccer AI, Football Game Engine builds on the success of it’s predecessor Soccer AI. With improved graphics, better A.I, cleaner, highly structured, highly commented and efficient code, Football Game Engine is your to go to asset for any of your football/soccer related projects. Don’t waste time reinvented the wheel. A lot of the heavy lifting has been done for you. Get Football Game Engine(Indie) now from the Unity Asset Store. If you have purchased any of our products before, don’t worry we got you covered, simply upgrade to Football Game Engine(Indie)


  • Mecanim Animations
  • State Machines
  • Mobile Ready
  • Easily integrate with Control Freak
  • Clean and highly commented code
  • CPU vs CPU and CPU vs Player
  • Numerous football rules(corner kick, throw-in, goal kick, counter kick, kick-off, goal, game-play)
  • Crisp graphics
  • Teams and players with different attributes and kits
  • Team tactics
  • Different game levels

Whats Next?

The foundation was set in Football Game Engine(Basic). The next task is to improve Football Game Engine(Indie) until it is a complete game. The target is to finish these update by the end of this year. This is supposed to be done by end of this year. Contributions will be greatly appreciated.


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